A compact beertruck for Mahou San Miguel

July 2016

FIB Industries BV has delivered a compact beer truck to Mahou San Miguel, the largest brewery in Spain. Since July 2016, the truck has been used in the historical city centres of a number of large cities. The truck is easy to manoeuvre through the narrow streets to deliver fresh, cold beer to cafés and restaurants under tropical conditions. Detailed engineering, with the maximum permitted tonnage as the starting point, has resulted in this combination of ergonomics and a maximum volume of fresh, cold beer.

The truck has energy-efficient LED lighting, temperature-controlled cooling, a comfort cabin, control by means of a touchscreen and a remote control, and an MID-certified delivery system for delivering the correct volume of beer.



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Tankbeer delivery Mahou San Miguel 1
Tankbeer delivery Mahou San Miguel 2
Tankbeer delivery Mahou San Miguel 3