Fresh tankbeer now available in Bogotá, Colombia

April 2016

After several month's expansion work, Bogotá's most popular entertainment centre is now enriched with the spectacular La Cervecaria café, restaurant and club. La Cervecaria, at 2500 metres above sea level, is not only the world's highest café with tank beer, but also the first South American café with tank beer equipment on display. The equipment was delivered and installed by FIB Industries BV.

The Bogotá concept, which was inspired by the traditional Liverpool pub, offers the best selection of draught and bottled beers in surroundings that combine the ceremony and glamour characteristic of the UK. La Cerveceria, with three floors, lies in Bogotá's exclusive Zona T and Usaquén entertainment district. La Cerveceria is the ideal meeting place for a broad public that wishes to enjoy a unique café, parts of which are reminiscent of a characteristic British factory, together with ornate ceilings, solid wooden tables and typical British memorabilia. Visitors to the pub can enjoy freshly tapped draught lager, cold and straight from the brewery – a treat for the senses!



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