Down Town Gourmet Market Eindhoven

April 2017

Since May 1st, Eindhoven has been a charming dining room richer. The Down Town Gourmet Market is a food hall like you find them in New York, London, Paris and Lisbon. It bundles the international cooking prowess of 21 entrepreneurs in an intimate atmosphere. The Gourmet Market consciously chose Bavaria as the beer supplier.


The first in the Netherlands

Kevin van Eerd, manager of the Gourmet Market: We wanted to create something special with the central bar, and Noud Swinkels and Pieter Verstraten had some great ideas. Instead of lying the cellar, the tanks from FIB Industries stand upright and extend prominently above the bar, which makes the bar fantastic! That makes us the first in the Netherlands.”


Are you in or around Eindhoven at lunch time or cocktail hour?

If so, be sure to come visit. Check: for all the information.




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DTGM Eindhoven tankbeer FIB 1 Bavaria
DTGM Eindhoven tankbeer FIB 2 Bavaria
DTGM Eindhoven tankbeer FIB 3 Bavaria